Panel Member Recruitment for Interim Residents’ Panel

Closes 1 Nov 2021

GDPR privacy statement

How we will use your personal data

The purpose of this document

This document sets out our how we will use the personal data of applicants in relation to recruitment for HSE’s Interim Residents’ Panel (which will be concerned with the set-up of the new Building Safety Regulator).  This does not relate to personal data held by HSE for any other reason.

Who it covers

All respondents, and individuals who have applied to join the Interim Residents' Panel.

What information it covers

  • The collection of names and contact details for the purposes of administering the recruitment process
  • The collection of gender, ethnicity, housing type and health information for the purpose of ensuring a socially diverse/representative recruitment
  • All data we collect and hold that is personally identifiable to you

Who will see or receive your personal data

Staff from the Building Safety Regulator Policy team will see and process your personal data.  The data may also be subject to audit for the purposes of review of the recruitment process. Personal data will not be seen or shared with any third party outside the policy team with the exception of internal auditors.

Reasons for collecting and processing your personal information

HSE is collecting this data to:

  • recruit and select members of its Interim Residents' Panel
  • ensure the panel has a socially diverse representation on the panel

Retention Period

All personal data for successful applicants will be held for two years for audit purposes unless requested otherwise by the individual.  After that period any personal data will be deleted.

The data of unsuccessful applicants will be stored for 6 months after the date of recruitment decisions, unless consent is given to retain data for notification of the recruitment process for the Residents’ Research Group.

Under Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 an individual has the right to withdraw their consent for HSE to process or retain their personal data at any time.

Our compliance commitment

The personal data we hold is in compliance with the GDPR 2018, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK Government Digital Service Standard.

Given the information above I consent to HSE processing and storing my personal data