REACH – Applications for authorisation AFA023-02 – Cr03

Closed 17 Nov 2022

Opened 22 Sep 2022


Public consultation on alternatives

Reference: AFA023-02

ApplicantAalberts Integrated Piping Systems Ltd

                  Borough Ltd 

                  Quality Plated Products Ltd 

                  Samuel Heath and Sons plc 

Application type: Initial

Substance name: Chromium Trioxide

EC Number: 215-607-8

CAS Number: 1333-82-0

Proposed use: Industrial use of chromium trioxide for functional chrome plating with decorative character for automotive, sanitary, heating and other applications.

Broad information on use applied for (conditions of use and function): 

Functional chrome plating with decorative character is a surface treatment process that involves depositing a thin coating of metallic chrome from a chromium trioxide electrolyte on the surface of a plastic or metallic component following product-specific underplates. The final metallic chrome coating is free of Cr(VI). Chromium trioxide is used in functional chrome plating with decorative character to apply a finish to achieve an aesthetic, decorative surface with a high durability in contact with aggressive and demanding conditions (indoors or outdoors). The vast majority of finishes have a bright or matt silvery appearance. Other less common variations include dark satin or matt black chrome finishes. The metallic chrome layer is applied as final coating on top of a multi-layer system and the combination of underplates is responsible for the final appearance (bright or matt) of the top coating. The articles being coated are metal or plastic components which will then be assembled into products for automotive, sanitary, heating/plumbing or other applications. A product will often comprise a number of components and may involve the use of both metal and plastic plated parts alongside each other. 

Additional information on the use applied for and the production process is given in the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA).  Operational Conditions (OCs) and Risk Management Measures (RMMs) are described in the CSR and OC/RMM summary table.  Information on key functionalities of chromium trioxide is given in the AoA.  

This application covers the use of chromium trioxide for electroplating at four sites: (1) Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems Ltd, Doncaster; (2) Borough Ltd, Leigh on Sea; (3) Quality Plated Products Ltd, Birmingham; and (4) Samuel Heath and Sons plc, Birmingham. 

List of descriptors:

  • Life cycle stage: IS (Use at industrial sites)
  • Sector of end use (SU): 0 (Other: manufacture of products for automotive, sanitary, heating/plumbing and other applications)
  • Environmental release category (ERC): 6B 
  • Process category (PROC): 1, 3, 4, 8b, 9, 15, 28
  • Product category (PC): 14 (Metal surface treatment products) 
  • Article category related to subsequent service life (AC): N/A 
  • Technical Function: Plating agent

Annual tonnage used: 

  • 1-10 tonnes/annum

Review period requested: 10 years

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