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Consultation on proposals to review HSE's Approved Codes of Practice

The proposed changes

21.   The consultation describes HSE's broad proposals for each ACOP and also summarises any main areas of proposed change. For proposed consolidations or revisions of ACOPs there will be further opportunities to comment on the detail of changes when HSE consults on the text of the revised ACOPs.

22. If agreed the changes proposed will be implemented for delivery to the timescales indicated in each proposal.  In taking forward revisions to ACOPs HSE will consider any straightforward improvements to the presentation of individual ACOPs that might be made, including the greater use of plain language where appropriate to do so. Opportunity is provided within the consultation to provide comments to inform the drafting, format or presentation of individual ACOPs that are revised. The text of revised or amended ACOPs will be the subject of individual consultations prior to their approval and publication according to the nature of any changes and the requirements of Section 16 of theHSWA.

23. Where ACOPs are revised or amended, any related publications, web guidance or tools will also be reviewed to ensure the advice provided is consistent and coherent.

 24. Where proposals are agreed, HSE will be interested in stakeholder views during the course of taking forward any revisions or amendments to ACOPs.  If you would like to contribute to the delivery of those changes you can register your interest at  Please indicate which ACOP(s) you are registering an interest in.

25. While the consultation is in progress HSE may also seek to explore stakeholder views through supplementary channels such as workshops. You can also register an interest to be considered for engagement through any supplementary channels by writing to  Please indicate which ACOP(s) you are registering an interest in.