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Consultation on proposals to review HSE's Approved Codes of Practice

Annex 2 - ACOPs not reviewed due to ongoing sector specific consolidations or other regulatory amendments


L144 - Managing health and safety in construction

HSErecently completed a post-implementation evaluation of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, and its evaluation report was published on 11 April 2012. HSE plansto consult in early 2013 on a revised package of regulations and that consultation will seek views on the future of this ACOP.


COP25 - Safety in docks

A separate consultation is currently underway on the withdrawal of this ACOP alongside the revocation of the Docks Regulations 1988, the regulations with respect to which the ACOP is approved.  This consultation, which is due to end 4 July 2012, can be found here on the HSE website.


L43 - First aid at mines
L128 - The use of electricity in mines
COP28 - Safety of exit from mines underground workings
L42 - Shafts and winding in mines
L45 - Explosives at coal and other safety-lamp mines
L46 - The prevention of inrushes in mines
L71 - Escape and rescue from mines
L119 - The control of ground movement in mines
L145 - Control of inhalable dust in coal mines
L44 - The management and administration of safety and health in mines

These 10 ACOPs are specific to mining legislation and will be considered as part of the wider review of mining legislation recommended by the Löfstedt report.  This review aims to deliver a new regulatory package for mines by the end of 2014.


L139 - Manufacture of storage of explosives

This ACOP will be considered as part of the review of explosives legislation as recommended by the Löfstedt report.  This review aims to deliver a new regulatory package for explosives in 2014.


L65 - Prevention of fire and explosion and emergency response on offshore installations
L123 - Health care and first aid on offshore installations and pipeline works

These two ACOPs are specific to offshore oil and gas legislation and will be considered as part of a review of the UK's offshore oil and gas legislation following the conclusion of the European Commission’s proposed Regulation on offshore oil and gas, and their ongoing review of Directive 92/91 (on the minimum requirements for improving safety and health protection of workers in the mineral-extracting industries through drilling).

Flammable substances

L93 - Approved tank requirements – The provisions for bottom loading and vapour recovery systems of mobile containers carrying petrol
L133 - Unloading petrol from road tankers
COP6 - Petroleum-spirit (plastic containers) regulations 1982

These three ACOPs are related to petroleum and will be considered as part of the review of petroleum legislation recommended by the Löfstedt report.  This review is expected to be completed by April 2014.


L121 - Work with ionising radiation

The European Directive implemented by the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999, the regulations with respect to which this ACOP is approved, is currently being renegotiated at the European level. It is anticipated a new regulatory package will be required by 2016 at which time this ACOP will be reviewed.

First aid

L74 - First aid at work

This ACOP will be reviewed alongside the amendment to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 recommended by the Löfstedt review