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Consultation on proposals to review HSE's Approved Codes of Practice

Section 1.8 - Agriculture

L116 – Preventing accidents to children in agriculture

Proposal:  To withdraw this ACOP and review other HSE publications that provide guidance on child safety within agriculture by March 2013.

It is proposed that this ACOP is withdrawn as there is more practical guidance relating to child safety in agriculture available in other HSE guidance publications more suited to the target audience.  These guidance publications (‘AS10 – Preventing accidents to children of farms’ and ‘Farmwise’) will be reviewed and revised prior to the withdrawal of the ACOP.  The agriculture industry is also intending to publish its own guidance targeting child safety on farms in the near future.  Guidance is also available on the HSE website at

If you also wish to comment on the proposal to introduce a limit on the length of ACOPs please remember to visit Section 3 of the consultation. After you have clicked 'Save these answers', click on the plus icon in the left-hand menu of this document to expand the menu and then select Section 3.