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Consultation on proposals to review HSE's Approved Codes of Practice

Section 1.4 - Gas safety

L56 – Safety in the installation and use of gas systems and appliances
COP20 – Standards of training in safe gas installation

It is proposed that L56 is retained and revised to make it clearer what dutyholders can do to comply with legal requirements and to reduce duplication of other more targeted guidance.  Areas of change proposed are:

  • Material supporting Regulation 2 to be revised to clarify and, if possible simplify, the definitions of ‘gas fitting’ (paragraph 12) and ‘work’ (paragraphs 22-25).
  • Material in Part C, Meters and regulators, to be updated to ensure it reflects changes in technology in relation to the introduction of smart meters.
  • Material supporting Regulation 27 (including relevant material in Appendix 1) to be revised to reflect changes in technology with regard to concealed ‘flues in voids’, e.g. to provide guidance on how concealed “flues in voids” are to be tested and inspected, and on safe installation and use of room-sealed appliances.  Changes will reflect material already available in gas industry technical bulletin TB008,
  • Material supporting Regulation 36, Landlords’ duties, to be removed and directions provided to other specifically targeted HSE guidance (e.g. ‘INDG 285 – A guide to landlords’ duties: Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998’ and the information available on the HSE website

It is proposed that COP20 is withdrawn and any material it contains that is still relevant (paragraphs 13 and 14) incorporated within L56.  COP20 is largely outdated, referring to now revoked versions of regulations and old arrangements for training which have been replaced by the accreditation certification scheme (managed by Energy & Utility Skills), and much of the material is no longer required.

These changes will bring all ACOP material in relation to domestic gas safety, whether it is in respect of training and competence or installation and use, together in one document. In addition, the volume of guidance relating to training and competence will be significantly reduced making it easier for dutyholders to understand and meet their legal obligations.

If you also wish to comment on the proposal to introduce a limit on the length of ACOPs please remember to visit Section 3 of the consultation. After you have clicked 'Save these answers', click on the plus icon in the left-hand menu of this document to expand the menu and then select Section 3.