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Consultation on proposals to review HSE's Approved Codes of Practice

Section 1.2 - Legionella

L8 - Legionnaires’ disease

Proposal:  To revise Part 1 of this ACOP and remove Part 2 and make it separately available as revised technical guidance with both to be published by end-2013.

This publication is currently presented as two parts.  Part 1 is an ACOP and provides advice on complying with legal requirements concerning the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria.  Part 2 provides technical guidance on the control of legionella in water systems.

It is proposed that this ACOP is split into two separate documents.  Part 1 of the ACOP will be retained and revised to provide further clarity on legal requirements and to provide proportionate advice regarding low risk scenarios.  Part 2 will be reviewed and updated and provided as a separate technical guidance document. 

Providing Part 2 as a separate publication will help address the misconception that it represents legal requirements and allow the technical guidance it contains, for which frequent revision can be envisioned, to be more immediately updated. 

If you also wish to comment on the proposal to introduce a limit on the length of ACOPs please remember to visit Section 3 of the consultation. After you have clicked 'Save these answers', click on the plus icon in the left-hand menu of this document to expand the menu and then select Section 3.