Section 1.7 - Management of health and safety

L21 – Management of health and safety at work

Proposal:  To withdraw this ACOP and replace it with more specific, updated guidance. 

The Management Regulations provide a framework for managing health and safety.  The ACOP currently provides explanation of the regulations, definitions and provides principles to be applied in complying with the regulations.  In most cases there is no one recommended method to be used to achieve compliance. This will vary depending on the size and nature of a business, and consequently the ACOP does not describe methods of compliance with sufficient precision for dutyholders to be certain they have complied withtheir legal obligations.  The generic nature of the ACOP means that it is unable to offer the ‘practical guidance’ that ACOPs are intended to be used for.  It has been identified as being in need of reform by both Lord Young in his report ‘Common Sense Common Safety’ and Professor Löfstedt in ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’(

It is proposed to withdraw the ACOP and for its place to be taken by structured, well sign-posted guidance including:

This would provide comprehensive advice to businesses, particularly SMEs, and safety representatives on how to comply with the law in a way that is much more specific than the current ACOP.  Much of this guidance already exists and any remaining advice currently provided by the ACOP would be carried across to these publications.  These changes will clarify the guidance provided on compliance with the Management Regulations, making it more useable and therefore easier for dutyholders and to understand and meet their legal obligations.

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