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Proposals to remove fourteen legislative measures

How to respond

A summary of the proposal and the questionnaire can be found at - correct weblink will be inserted before publication]. You do not have to use this questionnaire, and you are welcome to comment on any issue raised by this document.

You can:

Complete the online questionnaire:

Respond by email – you should send this to;


Respond on paper - you can do this either by

  • Printing the online questionnaire; or
  • Making a written response in whatever format you wish.

Send your completed response to:

Tim Holt
Health and Safety Executive
7th Floor
Caxton House
6-12 Tothill Street
London SW1H 9NA
Tel: 020 7227 3819 Fax: 020 7227 3802

We would be grateful if you could send an email address when you provide your response, so that we can inform you of when the HSE intends to publish information concerning consultation responses on the HSE website.

Responses must be received by 4 July 2012.

If you require a more accessible format of this document please send details to and your request will be considered.