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You can search for things matching ANY of the words entered in the search box. For example, if you entered red balloon, that will match anything containing either the word "red" or the word "balloon", e.g. "the large red balloon", "the balloon was red", "my balloon is yellow" and also "red sky at night". It searches for either "red" or "balloon".

If you want to match both words together then enclose them in quotes - "red balloon" only matches the complete phrase "red balloon" and not "red burst balloon" or "yellow balloon" or "my balloon is red"

You can combine quoted phrases and single words together - entering "red balloon" burst finds anything containing either the phrase "red balloon" or the word "burst" but not things with just "balloon" on its own.

You can use the "wild-card" character * to match any number of characters (including none) in an individual word. Searching for ball*, matches anything that contains words like "balloon", "ballast", "balls" or even just "ball". You can use the wild-card character at the end of a word, or in the middle of a word (eg. ba*n will match "balloon" or "basin" etc.) A wild-card character at the start of a word is ignored.

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