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Web Pages

A Web Page is a page of user-defined content. The contents and purpose are entirely up to you. You can use a web page instead of a short document (so people don't have to download it to read it), or as part of a wiki-style set of content pages in your consultation.

You can include text, images and links to other items in the consultation.

Linking between Web Page

When you create a web page you specify a name and description and then enter the content for the page. To make it easy to create wiki-style content, you can create links to other web pages by putting the name of the page inside double square brackets, eg. [[Company structure]], or [[Test Procedures]]. When you view the web page, the text in double square brackets will be shown as a link. When you click on those links, if a web page exists with that name then it will show that page, otherwise it will let you create a new web page for that link. This allows you to create linked web pages dynamically.

These double square bracket links also work for other item types in a consultation, so you can easily link to other items from your web page.

To link directly back to the consultation homepage, use the special name of [[homepage]].

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